What are the risks of older loans?

Senior loans, also known as borrowed loans or syndicated bank loans, are loans that banks give to corporations and then pack and sell to investors. This asset class exploded in popularity in 2013, when its outperformance in a weak market caused higher credit facilities to attract billions in new assets, Continue Reading

Fast and secure online credits

  You need money? If the answer is affirmative, it will surely also entail a certain amount of haste, either to face an economic predicament, or to fulfill a dream that implies a certain outlay. For this reason, we are committed to simplifying the procedures to what is strictly necessary, Continue Reading

Loans: the money for you

Sometimes there are times when it would be great to have a cash injection, especially if we have to face a situation that we did not expect and that requires an outlay that does not catch us at our most buoyant moment. In situations like that, resorting to quick credit Continue Reading