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In today’s news industry, there are a variety of ways reporters and journalists convey a story to readers, listeners, and observers. Each is chosen based on the story being told. Some of these stories are clearly facts about what happened in an event and a reaction to the meeting or event. Others are opinion-based and may be the opinion of the news agency.

In recent years, some of those lines have become blurry with columns, infomercials, and news analysis articles.

The first three pages of the document are devoted to as many local stories as possible. With two new reporters joining our ranks, Maya Shimizu Harris and Ann Meyer, you may have noticed a variety of stories coming to your door or on your computer screen. Those stories our writers have worked a lot on will have a signature telling you who wrote the story. If you don’t see a signature, it’s probably a story submitted to us by an organization.

Other news articles we publish include articles from The Associated Press. These stories speak of events that occur in Michigan and Wisconsin, the country and the world. The EagleHerald is a member of The Associated Press, so we shared our stories with them and they share the stories of various other members for us to use. Articles from other Adams Publishing Group newspapers have shared their stories with us in the same way.

On Monday’s EagleHerald, we tagged a story as “News Analysis,” because our reporter, Shimizu Harris, came back and wrote a story about a picket line as the actions came to him. It was a different way of experiencing the event from a reader’s point of view compared to what we’ve posted in the past and we wanted to convey that to our readers. It was also a great opportunity to give our readers a journalist’s perspective.

If you follow this story, you are reading a more traditional story in today’s newspaper on the same subject.

Another type of story that you may have noticed that appears on our local news pages are our Something Extra columns by our staff. These are usually lighter stories that focus on the writer and the events he or she is involved with. Some are funny, others show a more emotional side to our writing team.

You’ll also see columns from local and national columnists throughout the newspaper. They always include the name of the editor (s) and / or the name of the column that accompanies them. You may have seen the columns we publish on our Healthy Life and Boomers pages from local organizations talking about different events and concerns they have for locals. You may have also read Dan Paul’s column on our community page. Paul’s chronicles focus on his view of events. They are generally caring and inspiring.

Apart from these two types, you will see most of the opinions on our opinion page. We publish talkative content like the voice of the newspaper like this article you are reading right now. Editorials like this are read and approved by our editorial team. We also publish similar editorials, but from newspapers in Wisconsin and Michigan. We indicate which paper and where it is in the editorial, where our opinion says exactly that.

We also publish the opinions of members of our community. Some of these are published as Letters to the Editor, which have more space and are accompanied by someone’s name. The sounds are shorter and unnamed.

The EagleHerald, as a news organization, wants to be as transparent as possible with our readers. We will never intentionally post anything to deceive our readers, so if you have a question about anything, please ask us or voice your concerns.

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