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For most buyers, and especially new customers of the legendary brand, buying a Mercedes-Benz is something of a lifetime event. After all, a Mercedes isn’t just any car – it’s something special, something to be cherished for years to come. However, thinking about buying an expensive luxury car can also be a bit daunting for some, given the general perception that it can be expensive to run and difficult to maintain. The idea of ​​spending large sums of money for maintenance costs and parts replacement can be a deterrent, even to the most ardent luxury car buyers.

With these concerns in mind, Mercedes-Benz is actively working to alleviate concerns about the running costs of its cars, dispelling misplaced notions about maintenance expenses. The company offers its customers a range of carefully designed aftermarket packages, which help control service and maintenance costs in the long term. Let’s take a closer look at some of these initiatives.

Star-Ease Service Packages

Star-Ease service products and maintenance packages are designed for customer peace of mind, with pre-defined, template-based maintenance costs providing comprehensive protection against price inflation. Customers enjoy exclusive benefits such as priority processing, shorter wait times and faster processes. With “Flexi Plan”, customers can choose according to their individual needs. Coverage can extend from as little as two years, up to 10 years of ownership. Owners can opt for the Star Ease program at any time from the time they make the purchase until the car’s fifth overhaul (expected at the end of five years or 75,000 km, whichever comes first).

With the Compact pack, things that are taken care of include checking the on-board electronics (via XENTRY, an advanced diagnostic tool), changing fluids like engine oil, transmission oil, and engine oil. brake and coolant, and replacing consumables like the oil filter, air filter, cabin filter and transmission filter. The Compact Plus pack includes all of the above, as well as the replacement of parts such as brake discs, brake pads and wiper blades. Wheel alignment and balancing are also included in this package, which can extend up to 10 years or 200,000 km, whichever comes first.

For those who haven’t purchased a maintenance package in the first five years of ownership, Mercedes-Benz still has what you need; you can still take advantage of the ‘value service’ option for some models, which includes engine oil and filter replacement, as well as a full check for as little as Rs 12,999 (plus GST).

Advance Insurance extended warranty program

Brought to you by Daimler Financial Services India, in collaboration with Reliance General Insurance India and ICICI Prudential, the Advance Insurance program is designed to help you enjoy your Mercedes-Benz worry-free. Under this program, the extended warranty is valid at the end of the standard three-year warranty. Buyers can also choose to extend it for the 4e year or until 6e year. The Advance Assurance program goes above and beyond your expectations to create a truly exciting car ownership experience by offering an extended warranty, in which the warranty terms and conditions remain unchanged from the standard warranty terms.

If you miss the Advance Insurance purchase before the standard three-year warranty expires, Mercedes-Benz will still have you covered. Certified Insurance, the new burglar-proof warranty, can be purchased after the standard three-year warranty has expired, subject to certain terms and conditions. This warranty program covers your car for the 4e and 5e year of operation and offers a range of services, covering unscheduled repairs at a price as low as Rs 12,623. Indeed, this comes down to less than the price of a single tank of gasoline per year, which is a incredible value for money.

The extended warranty program brings a range of exclusive services, including priority handling and express handling of insurance claims, is honored at all Mercedes-Benz dealerships nationwide and is transferable, which also increases resale value of the car.

Mobilo 24×7 road assistance

The road can sometimes create unpleasant surprises for the traveler, and getting stuck in a remote place can be a big problem. With Mobilo, the likelihood of such incidents occurring can easily be minimized; customers are assured of 24/7 roadside assistance at minimal cost, as a year of Mobilo Plus subscription costs just Rs 3,999 – barely as much as a good pair of shoes or a nice shirt ! With Mobilo Plus, roadside assistance is available at over 900 locations across India, for a period of up to eight years, of which the first three are free. Coverage includes full breakdown assistance, with vehicle towing, taxi service, and replacement vehicle, making it truly great value.

Customers also benefit from Mobilo Lite, which offers 24×7 roadside assistance for one year after service is completed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. This service extends to a range of less than 50 km from the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer, with the assistance of qualified technicians available in the event of a breakdown.

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