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Actor Rory Cowan has linked reports of a number of nightly attacks in Dublin to the pedestrianization of the capital’s streets.

Mr Cowan was reacting to the speech over reports of an attack on a gay couple earlier in August.

The couple had spent an evening in Rue Capel on August 2 and while they were waiting to receive a Luas at their home, one of the men was attacked and the other threatened.

Actor Rory Cowan has linked reports of a number of nightly attacks in Dublin to the pedestrianization of the capital’s streets. Photo: Twitter / @ 1rorycowan

Responding to the incident report, one person tweeted: “How many stories of people being attacked in Dublin at night will it take for authorities to recognize that our city has a serious problem with large gangs of young people? that cause trouble for no reason, and actually do something about it? ‘

Mr Cowan stepped into the conversation and suggested that reports of nighttime attacks in the capital are linked to pedestrianization in some areas.

He wrote: “When you walk the streets, that’s what happens. Groups of people who are doing no good now have places to gather.

Mr Cowan was reacting to the speech over reports of an attack on a gay couple earlier in August. Photo: RTE

“We saw it in Sth William Street and now we see it around Capel Street. It is not a coincidence.

This week, the pedestrianization of Capel Street made headlines, as Dublin City Council said it plans to end the current process of pedestrianization of the street.

This week, the pedestrianization of Capel Street made headlines, as Dublin City Council said it plans to end the current process of pedestrianization of the street. Photo: Sasko Lazarov / RollingNews.ie

After a major backlash from business owners on the streets and members of the public using the facilities there, the council agreed to extend the process by four weeks.

There are still calls for the pedestrianization of rue Capel to be permanent, such was the success of the pilot project throughout the summer.

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Google confirms update of web page title generation https://iotamagazine.co.uk/google-confirms-update-of-web-page-title-generation/ Wed, 25 Aug 2021 01:02:48 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/google-confirms-update-of-web-page-title-generation/

Google’s Danny Sullivan confirms that the search engine is updating the way it generates web page titles in search results.

“Last week we introduced a new title generation system for web pages. Prior to that, the titles may change depending on the request issued. Usually this will not happen again with our new system. This is because we believe our new system produces titles that work better for documents in general, to describe what they are about, whatever the particular query.

Google’s new web page title generation system has been widely documented since its discovery in live search results last week.


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As those in the SEO industry have observed, Google is actually replacing web page titles with other text on the page:

“Plus, while we have gone beyond HTML text to create titles for over a decade, our new system uses that text even more. In particular, we use text that humans can visually see when they land on a web page. We consider the title or the main visual title displayed on a page, the content that site owners often place in tags

, in other header tags, or that is made large and prominent through the use of styling treatments.


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When replacing the titles of web pages, other texts contained in the page may be taken into account.

Google may also consider using text in links pointing to pages.

Why is Google doing this? Sullivan goes on to explain.

Why does Google use more than HTML title tag text?

Google may consider using alternate text in cases where a page’s HTML title tag does not properly describe what it is.

Sullivan says title tags don’t always describe a page well because they can be either:

  • Too long
  • Stuffed with keywords
  • Does not contain text or boilerplate text

“Overall, our update is designed to produce more readable and accessible titles for the pages. In some cases, we can add site names when deemed useful. In other cases, when we come across an extremely long title, we may select the most relevant part rather than starting at the beginning and truncating the most useful parts.

Just because Google takes a different approach to generating web page titles doesn’t make HTML title tag optimization any less important.

Sullivan says the same when sharing his post-update advice.

“… Our main advice on this page to site owners remains the same. Focus on creating great HTML title tags.


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If you are wondering if it is still worth the effort to create unique titles for your pages, the answer is 100% yes.

Don’t leave it to Google. Sullivan says original HTML title tags will still be used more than 80% of the time.

In testing, Google says this update produces titles that are easier to read and more searcher-friendly compared to the old way of generating titles.

Can I turn off this update?

Websites cannot refuse to have their page titles replaced by Google.

Sullivan said several days ago that he would like SEOs to have at least one option when it comes to preserving page titles.


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It suggests a feature in Search Console where you could tell Google not to override the HTML title tag of specific pages.

It is not known if such a feature is being considered within Google at this time.

Source: Google search center

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MALCOLM: Big deal that CBC is Facebook’s election ‘fact checker’ https://iotamagazine.co.uk/malcolm-big-deal-that-cbc-is-facebooks-election-fact-checker/ Sun, 22 Aug 2021 22:07:34 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/malcolm-big-deal-that-cbc-is-facebooks-election-fact-checker/

Content of the article

Big Tech and Canada’s State Broadcaster are teaming up to censor what you can see and what you can share in this election.


Content of the article

Facebook Canada has announced that it has assigned CBC the role of “fact checker” during the campaign. According to a 2021 election note published by Facebook Canada, CBC’s French-language division, Radio-Canada, will be in charge of this initiative.

“When a fact checker finds content to be bogus, we dramatically reduce its circulation so that fewer people can see it.”

“We notify people who are trying to share or have already shared the content that the information is false, and we apply a warning label that links to the fact-checkers article refuting the claim.”

Facebook intends to censor and hide content it doesn’t like, and it’s forcing the CBC to do its dirty work. Don’t make mistakes. It’s an incredible amount of power to give to the public broadcaster.


Content of the article

Radio-Canada already receives $ 1.2 billion a year in taxpayer subsidies, giving it a head start over its private sector competitors. Now it can also regulate and potentially silence its competition.

The CBC is not the arbiter of truth. In fact, they regularly get it wrong.

Last week, the CBC ran an article calling Conservative leader Erin O’Toole anti-vaccination about her stance on mandatory vaccines for the public service. O’Toole supports vaccines and encourages all federal employees to get vaccinated, with the small caveat that he would make accommodations for those who do not get vaccinated.

It is almost identical to Trudeau’s position. A federal vaccine memo similarly discusses alternatives and accommodations for those who do not get vaccinated.


Content of the article

And yet the CBC report reads like a Liberal press release.

“O’Toole spoke out against mandatory vaccinations for federal officials,” one headline read.

“Trudeau lobbied for mandatory vaccination to be an election issue on Friday, calling the Conservative opposition ‘irresponsible’ and ‘dangerous’,” read another CBC headline.

But, as the Globe and Mail’s Robyn Urback pointed out, “There is no Conservative ‘opposition’ to mandatory vaccination. The conservative plan is the same one announced by the big banks today, which the CBC, elsewhere on its site, calls a “compulsory vaccination policy.”

“It’s a false corner that should be deprived of all oxygen.”

It’s exactly that. But that kind of deceptive twist is what we expect from the state broadcaster. CBC’s anti-conservative bias is a well-established fact.


Content of the article

We apologize, but this video failed to load.

If in doubt, remember that Radio-Canada sued the Conservative Party of Canada in the last federal election.

The CBC even named its prominent political journalists – Rosemary Barton and John Paul Tasker – in the lawsuit, who opposed the use of CBC material in Conservative election ads.

Using excerpts from political talk shows in election advertisements is common practice, and a judge has ruled in favor of fair dealing. The CBC lost the case, and they lost all semblance of neutrality.

And yet, Facebook has allowed them not only to push their own tricks, but also to censor and silence publications and media that they deem “false or misleading”.

Elections are meant to be an opportunity for a fair debate so that we can choose the future of our country. That is why we prohibit corporate and foreign donations in Canada. We don’t want powerful companies with big bank accounts to decide our future.

Facebook and CBC are multi-billion dollar operations with their own agendas. These are exactly the type of businesses that our laws are designed to prevent from influencing our elections. And yet somehow, in the midst of this election, we gave the power to censor the truth to an American tech monopoly and its biased Canadian enablers.

It is not only absurd, it is dangerous.



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A popular Facebook post earlier this year cast doubt on the COVID-19 vaccine https://iotamagazine.co.uk/a-popular-facebook-post-earlier-this-year-cast-doubt-on-the-covid-19-vaccine/ Sun, 22 Aug 2021 03:27:34 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/a-popular-facebook-post-earlier-this-year-cast-doubt-on-the-covid-19-vaccine/
  • Facebook withheld a first quarter popular content report for fear of backlash, The New York Times reported on Friday.
  • Facebook released the report on Saturday, which says the platform’s most popular article casts doubt on the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • A Facebook spokesperson said the article “illustrates how difficult it is to define disinformation.”

The top performing Facebook link in the United States from January to March suggested the COVID-19 vaccine could be deadly, according to a report released on Saturday by the social media giant which identified the most popular content on the platform. form from January to March.

Facebook has come under close scrutiny this year because of the disinformation about COVID-19 that has been shared on the platform, with President Joe Biden saying earlier this year that Facebook is “killing people.” (He then returned to the comments.)

Earlier this week, Facebook released a report that identified popular content from April through June, prompting questions about why the data was not released for the first quarter of the year. The top performing links in the Q2 report were mostly harmless content, like sports, recipes, and animals.

But The New York Times reported on Friday that the first quarter report was intentionally withheld by senior executives for fear of backlash.

Read more: This startup is working with Facebook and Google to keep internet users away from disinformation. Get an exclusive look at the pitch deck he used to land $ 7 million in VCs.

The first quarter report, released the day after the Times report, showed that the most popular URL on Facebook was an article published by the Sun-Sentinel and distributed by the Chicago Tribune. The title of the article suggested that the COVID-19 vaccine may have caused the death of a Florida doctor who died two weeks after being vaccinated.

A medical examiner’s report later revealed that there was not enough evidence to determine if the vaccine played a role in his death, and an update was added to the story to reflect this .

Over 53 million people have viewed the article in their news feed. The report also states that the platform’s 19th most popular page in the first three months of 2021 was for The Epoch Times, a right-wing anti-China newspaper that promoted conspiracy theories.

When reached via email, Facebook directed Insider to a Twitter feed shared by spokesperson Andy Stone. Stone said the article about the Florida doctor, which was factually accurate, “illustrates how difficult it is to define misinformation.”

Stone also said that Facebook initially withheld the Q1 report “because there were key system fixes that we wanted to make,” although it’s not clear what those fixes were.

“We are guilty of cleaning up our house a bit before we invited from the company,” he said.

The report released on Saturday says the 20 most popular links on Facebook collectively represent just 0.057% of content views on the platform, which hosts more than 2.8 billion monthly users.

Facebook said it plans to continue publishing quarterly reports on the platform’s most popular content as part of its efforts to be transparent.

Do you have a tip? Contact this reporter at kvlamis@insider.com.

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Facebook reportedly put the report aside for fear it would make the company look bad https://iotamagazine.co.uk/facebook-reportedly-put-the-report-aside-for-fear-it-would-make-the-company-look-bad/ Sun, 22 Aug 2021 00:04:00 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/facebook-reportedly-put-the-report-aside-for-fear-it-would-make-the-company-look-bad/

Facebook has shared more data, but the company is still being watched by politicians and other critics.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Facebook has decided not to publish a report on its most viewed content in the first three months of the year, fearing the data could paint a bad image for the company, The New York Times reported on Friday.

Citing internal emails, The Times said Alex Schultz, Facebook’s chief marketing officer and vice president of analytics, and other executives questioned whether the report’s findings would damage Facebook’s image. . The report showed that the most viewed link in the first quarter was a South Florida Sun Sentinel news article reposted by the Chicago Tribune with the headline “‘Healthy’ doctor died two weeks after receiving COVID vaccine. 19; CDC is investigating why. The Epoch Times, a far-right outlet, was also the 19th most popular page on the platform.

The revelation raises the question of whether Facebook is selectively posting data that helps the company fight concerns that polarizing content is spreading widely on the platform. The Biden administration and other politicians have also urged the social network to do more to tackle COVID-19 misinformation that could make people reluctant to get vaccinated.

Facebook did not respond to a request for comment. Andy Stone, company spokesperson, tweeted that “we finally retained it because there were fixes that we had to make”. He also pointed out that the most viewed title came from an authoritative news source. On Saturday, after the Times article was published, Facebook released the report.

Facebook executives have reportedly previously raised concerns over information coming from a Facebook-owned data analytics tool called CrowdTangle, which shows high engagement with right-wing sites. On Wednesday, Facebook released a report for the first time that included the most viewed domains, links, pages and posts in the United States on Facebook during the second quarter, which is between April and June.

The most viewed domain in the second quarter was YouTube. The most popular link was for Player Alumni Resources, and the first page was from Unicef. The most viewed post was a picture of a motivational speaker who asked people about the first words they see in a block of letters.

Company executives said on a press call that Facebook released the data as part of its broader commitment to transparency. But some people, including former Facebook vice president of product marketing Brian Boland, said the report “ignores the transparency it promises” because the data is limited and it finds it. ” unnecessary “.

“After reading the press release and the report itself, I walked away thinking this whole effort was a publicity stunt,” he said in a Medium article.

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Naraka: Bladepoint release time confirmed https://iotamagazine.co.uk/naraka-bladepoint-release-time-confirmed/ Tue, 10 Aug 2021 17:24:37 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/naraka-bladepoint-release-time-confirmed/

Naraka: Bladepoint caused a sensation in its early playests and demos, accumulating a considerable number of players on Steam. Players have been eagerly awaiting the final release date of Naraka: Bladepoint in August and hey – it’s August now! The developers have confirmed the precise release time of Naraka: Bladepoint in all regions, and you don’t have much to wait.

Naraka officially launches Wednesday August 11 at 7 p.m. PDT / 10 p.m. EDT, or Thursday August 12 at 3 a.m. BST / 12 p.m. AEST. If you want as quickly as possible, you can pre-order the game on Steam for $ 19.99 / £ 17.99 / € 19.99 – or you can shell out some extra cash for a Deluxe Edition or Ultimate with bonus in-game items.

If you missed the early versions, Naraka is a battle royale game with a big focus on parkour – and, given its setting, a much bigger focus on hand-to-hand combat than what you typically see in. genre.

Check out some images of the game in action below.

For more upcoming PC games, you can follow this link.

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Pro-Beijing clubs will help pick Hong Kong’s next leader https://iotamagazine.co.uk/pro-beijing-clubs-will-help-pick-hong-kongs-next-leader/ Mon, 09 Aug 2021 11:59:00 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/pro-beijing-clubs-will-help-pick-hong-kongs-next-leader/

HONG KONG – The Sea Bear Swimming Club, in the northeastern suburb of Hong Kong, is a humble organization. It trains children in local competitions and offers free lessons to the elderly. Her Facebook page, with just 151 followers, features photos of smiling college students in swimming caps and the occasional cat meme.

But in the coming weeks, the group will take on a new responsibility: helping choose the city’s next leaders.

The club is one of some 400 so-called grassroots associations recently approached by the government to play a key role in the city’s elections after Beijing overhauled the system in March to ensure that only “patriots” can rule the territory. . The groups were nominated to vote next month for the city’s electoral committee, a 1,500-member body that will then choose the city’s leader, known as the chief executive, and many lawmakers from a list approved by Beijing.

The government says it is giving more votes to ordinary Hong Kong residents. But the groups also share an important characteristic: clear support for Beijing and the Hong Kong government.