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Researchers have developed a new robot – called the ionic spider web – that is inspired by the way spiders weave webs, according to one blog post on the Seoul National University website.

As a newcomer to the field of soft robotics, the progress made in creating successful applications of the fully functional artificial spider web will certainly become an iconic setting for future forays into this difficult field.


Ionic spider web could revolutionize soft robotics

Spiders construct their webs with a minimalist scheme to allow the sensation of subtle vibrations produced when prey is entangled in the structure.

It also allows the spiders to clean dust and debris from their webs, removing any contaminants. Professor Jeoung-Yun Sun – along with his research team – took inspiration from the architectural experience of spiders and reapplied it to spin artificial spider webs capable of detecting, adhering and self -clean via electrostatic actuation, as well as a dirt-repellent coat.

Ionic cobwebs will take their place as part of the gentle robot revolution, according to the blog post. Soft robots are made of conformal materials capable of extreme flexibility, making them ideal for performing sporadic or chaotic tasks that most conventional robots cannot handle.

Spiders use their web to capture and kill their prey before damage ensues

The more general use of soft robots has been restricted due to the challenge of seamlessly integrating the many elements of a soft robot into a single unit. But via biomimicry. By modeling the technology of gentle robotics after the spider and its web, the problem was solved.

Spider webs serve as both the shelter for spiders and the ultimate bait, which is why they must possess seemingly contradictory properties: versatile structural integrity and the ability to destroy prey.

Once the potential prey is hooked to the sticky silk, the spider scrambles to minimize damage to the overall structure of the web. When it encounters its prey, the spider then wraps it in fresh silk to guarantee its death.

Ionic spider web captures objects 68 times the weight of the web itself

Professor Sun and his students – Won-Jun Song and YoungHoon Lee – designed a gentle robot based on the architectural model of efficiency and elegance of the spider. Their invention is called the Ionic Spider Web (ISW) – which is an ionically conductive organic gel core contained in a durable yet elastic material. Silicone rubber.

High voltage electricity creates an electric field – polarizing surrounding objects in the ISW and creating a physical effect called electrostatic adhesion, with which the ISW captures many objects like polymers, organic materials, and even metals.

Additionally, the elastic nature of ISWs means they can stretch up to three times their length at rest, allowing the flexible robotic web to capture elements with a mass 68 times the web itself. same.

Close-ups show that ISW can blend in with forests, fallen leaves, a brick wall, and ordinary building floors. Source: Seoul National University

ISW cleans with electricity, vibration by frequency

ISWs can sense when a target is near and initiate electrostatic adhesion capabilities in time to optimize its capture and energy expenditure. This is particularly crucial since the capture of electrostatic adhesion can contribute to the contamination of the tape.

With proximity sensitivity, the ISW minimizes its “in time”, resulting in 32.5 times the grip strength of similar machines that stay “on” all the time, on a long scale. term.

Last but not least, ISWs can clean up contamination via electrostatic vibrations – much like the vibrations created when spiders chase the contaminant, according to the blog post. Since the web itself does not launch a slingshot, the ISW uses electricity to create an alternation of attractive and repulsive forces between the string, which reaches a frequency sufficient to generate a physical vibration.

Soft robotics should turn to nature for simpler distributions of human tasks

This process allows ISWs to maintain up to 98.7% of their fully functional capacities, which is crucial for the real world applications of tomorrow.

In short, ISWs could become an iconic framework for advanced real-world software robotics applications. The technologies presented in this latest invention will have direct importation into other fields, from electronic skin to the genesis of artificial muscles. If we are to build robots capable of doing what humans do, researchers will need to continue to search nature for simple models of the tasks humans have performed – as we often do. do everything – complicated.

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Tips and remedies to overcome it https://iotamagazine.co.uk/tips-and-remedies-to-overcome-it/ Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:18:14 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/tips-and-remedies-to-overcome-it/

This is a condition where a man needs more than 30 minutes of sexual stimulation to reach orgasm or ejaculate.

Delayed cumshot decoded


  1. Delayed ejaculation is not a new sexual disorder
  2. DE poses no medical risk to most victims
  3. Recreational drugs and binge drinking can also lead to ED

Delayed ejaculation, like premature ejaculation, is not a new sexual disorder. It is also known as delayed or impaired ejaculation. This is a condition where a man needs more than 30 minutes of sexual stimulation to reach orgasm or ejaculate. In a few cases, ejaculation may not be achieved at all. Although it is a treatable problem, for some people ED becomes a lifelong problem. ED poses no medical risk to most sufferers, but it dramatically affects stress levels, your sex life, and even your relationships.

decoded delayed ejaculation

All you need to know about delayed ejaculation
Photo credit: iStock

The third most common sexual disorder in men, it has only been successfully treated in 58% of cases. The others have been the subject of a limited medical literature available on DE. It is generally believed that the causes of delayed ejaculation are primarily psychological. They result from certain behavioral traits of an individual. Some of these causes are:

1. A large number of men who suffer from delayed ejaculation have been brought up in a strict and controlled atmosphere.
2. On the contrary, some of ED victims admit to being very controlling personalities, but their control is limited to themselves and does not affect others around them.
3. The fear of causing pregnancy also prevents men from ejaculating, again a condition where you control yourself to ejaculate.
4. Some extreme cases, where excessive use of vibrators has brought people to a state where vaginal stimulation does not cause them enough arousal to lead to ejaculation.
5. Another cause may be a strictly religious education, where sexual activity is considered a sin.
6. History, sexual abuse, family neglect, and difficulty bonding with people.
7. Contained anger.

Besides behavioral traits, there may also be medical causes of delayed ejaculation:

decoded delayed ejaculation

Medical causes of delayed ejaculation
Photo credit: iStock

1. When men are not prone to many problems, consuming drugs like antidepressants can lead to this problem. A change of tablets, after consultation with a doctor, would be useful.
2. Recreational drugs and heavy drinking can also lead to ED.
3. Serious injuries to the spine also prevent ejaculation. Nerve damage, surgery, or severe diabetes can also lead to ED.
4. Aging decreases the sensitivity of the penis to sexual stimulation.

Here are some tips for dealing with delayed ejaculation:

1. Healthy attitudes towards sexuality and one’s own genitals help prevent delayed ejaculation.
2. To minimize the pressure, a man should absorb the fun of the moment, regardless of whether he is going to ejaculate or when.
3. It is also vitally important to realize that one cannot always control a sexual response, just as one cannot force oneself to fall asleep or to sweat. The more you try to have a certain sexual response, the more inhibited it becomes.
4. Any fear or anxiety, such as fear of pregnancy or illness, should be discussed openly.

Delayed ejaculation can be the result of many conditions, regardless of whether it can be treated or not, ED should not be avoided. Talk about it, communicate to find the solution to your problems and enjoy a more fulfilling and happy sex life.

(Dr Ashish Kumar Mittal is a consultant psychiatrist at Columbia Asia Hospital and Confidence Clinic Gurgaon)

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‘Bachelorette’ teases potential Katie Thurston candidates https://iotamagazine.co.uk/bachelorette-teases-potential-katie-thurston-candidates/ Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:18:12 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/bachelorette-teases-potential-katie-thurston-candidates/

Who would you give the first impression of pink to?

As the countdown begins for Season 17, ABC has just released a preview of the 34 potential candidates who could have the chance to fight for the next Bachelorette heart.

“We’re giving you a sneak peek at the men who could be part of this season of ‘The Bachelorette’!” the network shared in a Facebook post.

ABC announced that Katie Thurston would be the next big lady at the end of the special “After the Final Rose” on March 15th. Matt James finally decided they weren’t the right match in Episode 6 of Season 25 of “The Bachelor.”

Thurston became a fan favorite during James’ season for her bold and outspoken personality. Straight out of the limo, she did, of course, meet James with a vibrator in hand. So now how can his men get past that?

The group of potential suitors consists of males between the ages of 25 and 36. And after a controversial previous season – in which James finally gave up his final choice amid racial controversy – programming seems to emphasize diversity where previous seasons have failed. ABC previously expressed to The Post that efforts to “foster a diverse and inclusive culture” are underway.

A first glimpse of who might be on the new season of “The Bachelorette” may indicate this. Here’s a look at some of the men teased in the show’s Facebook gallery.

Tré, 26, from Covington, GA

Marty, 25, from Reno, Nevada

Marty, 25, from Reno, Nevada

John, 27 Santa Cruz, California

John, 27, from Santa Cruz, Calif.

Bao, 36, Concord, New Hampshire

Bao, 36, from Concord, New Hampshire

Kyle, 26 Sarasota, Florida

Kyle, 26, from Sarasota, Florida

Andrew M., 31 Walnut Creek, CA

Andrew M., 31, from Walnut Creek, Calif.

Aaron, 26 Walnut, California

Aaron, 26, from Walnut, Calif.

Joshua, 25 Pembroke Pines, Florida

Joshua, 25, from Pembroke Pines, Florida

There is one that may sound familiar: Bachelor Nation instantly recognized that Karl Smith, 33, was supposed to be cast for Clare Crawley’s season of “The Bachelorette,” but ultimately failed.

Some are already hoping he’s there for the right reasons. “Karl was supposed to be part of Clare’s season, I think! He looks familiar. Why does it keep going up? He better be a good guy or I’ll be pissed off, ”one comment read. While other fans think he looks like Ivan Hall, who came in third place of the season from Tayshia Adams.

Karl, 33 Miami, Florida
Karl, 33, from Miami, Florida

Fans are also comparing contestant Quartney, 26, from Arlington, TX to Crawley winner Dale Moss.

Comments such as “Does he look like Dale, or is it just me” and “Too many Dale vibes” flood the post.

Thurston, a 30-year-old bank marketing manager from Renton, Wash., Is currently in quarantine in New Mexico before filming her season. She said she was thrilled to begin her journey to find her perfect suitor.

“I’m ready to find love, and not just, like, the temporary kind. I speak forever, my husband, and I’m in a place in my life where I feel like the best version of me, ”Thurston said in an interview with “Good Morning America” ​​on March 16. “Honestly, I’ve seen it work before, why isn’t it working for me?”

From her biography “Bachelorette”, Thurston is looking for a “mature man with the ambition to be successful in everything he does, both personally and professionally.”

Take notes, gentlemen! “Nothing turns her off more than someone who sits playing video games all day or a man who tries to kiss her at the inconvenient time. . . it’s about creating the right atmosphere with Katie, ”her bio said.

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UAE suspends flights from Pakistan https://iotamagazine.co.uk/uae-suspends-flights-from-pakistan/ Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:18:08 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/uae-suspends-flights-from-pakistan/

The United Arab Emirates General Civil Aviation Authority (GCCA) announced yesterday that it will temporarily suspend flights of Pakistan in light of her worsening COVID-19 situation. This suspension, effective Monday, will last until a laboratory is set up for COVID-19 testing.

A precautionary measure

The move is being taken to ensure the health and safety of arrivals from Pakistan, with GCCA saying passengers on all flights, including transfers, will not be allowed to United Arab Emirates airports.

SMAC is urging all passengers affected by this decision to contact their airlines or travel agents to make other plans.

According to Gulf News, the suspension will remain in effect until a laboratory is set up for appropriate testing.

The COVID-19 situation in Pakistan

According to Worldometer, Pakistan recently passed the 200,000 case milestone and has accumulated more than 4,100 deaths at the time of writing. Over the past two weeks it seems that Pakistan has seen an increase in active cases, although this appears to have stabilized fairly recently with new daily cases declining as well.

The United Arab Emirates, on the other hand, appears to have ‘flattened the curve’, with active cases and new daily cases falling. In fact, Dubai is expected to reopen its borders to international visitors. from July 7. However, it depends on meeting the strict entry requirements. This includes:

  • Download of the COVID-19 DXB application that allows you to communicate with health authorities if travelers have symptoms of COVID-19,
  • Fill out a “health declaration form” before boarding,
  • Have valid health insurance,
  • And carry out a PCR test with a maximum validity of four days (96 hours) before the departure date.

In addition, all arrivals will be subject to thermal screening.

Flights not (yet) canceled

Interesting way, FlightRadar24 shows that many flights to the UAE from cities like Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad have yet to be canceled. Using Lahore as an example, we can see that flights from flyDubai, Emirates, AirBlue and Air Arabia are still listed as “scheduled” for Monday and Tuesday. A few Air Arabia flights are listed as canceled, but the airline has a few more scheduled as well.

Oddly enough, the only airline that appears to have canceled almost all of its flights to and from Pakistan is Doha-based Qatar Airways, which obviously has no operations to the United Arab Emirates.

Perhaps this is because many airlines continue to fly for the primary purpose of cargo operations. However, this has not been confirmed.

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First Palestinian sex shop opens online to spice up weddings after green light from sheikhs https://iotamagazine.co.uk/first-palestinian-sex-shop-opens-online-to-spice-up-weddings-after-green-light-from-sheikhs/ Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:18:08 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/first-palestinian-sex-shop-opens-online-to-spice-up-weddings-after-green-light-from-sheikhs/

First Palestinian sex shop opens online to spice up weddings after green light from sheikhs

  • Ramalla-based online store hopes to attract businesses in the Arab world
  • It offers vibrators, edible underwear and a range of other erotic items
  • But its appearance is rather more modest than sex shops in the West

Palestine’s very first sex shop opened after being given the green light to start trading with Muslim scholars.

The Ramallah-based online store – called Karaz, which means “cherries” in Arabic – went online this week stocking vibrators, thongs and lubricants, among other products.

After securing a supportive fatwa from local sheikhs, the site’s founder, Ashraf Alkiswani, now hopes to attract clients from all over the Arab world.

Love is the universal language: Karaz, Palestine’s very first sex shop, based in Ramallah, opened after being given the green light to start trading with Muslim scholars

He said The Guardian: ‘It’s not just about sex. It is about love and the joy of expressing that love.

“It’s about trying to bridge the gaps between husband and wife by improving sexual harmony, which in turn will lead to happier marriages, fewer divorces and less infidelity.

“In that sense, it’s a social project.

According to Islamic teachings, sex is exclusively for married couples, so the unmarried 30-year-old US-Palestinian businessman admitted he was a little nervous about seeking approval from the sheikhs.

But he had two stories up his sleeve that prompted him to start his business, and that he was sure he would win the support of Muslim scholars.

One belonged to a couple who on their wedding night were on one side so nervous and on the other so eager to “get started.” [their] sex trip “that they didn’t even think about using foreplay, with the unfortunate result that the bride ended up in the hospital bleeding for three days.

The second was the story of a 25-year-old mother of five who, after learning how to use a condom with her fingers as an example, continued to have sex with the prophylactic on her hand.

Mr. Alkiswani says he left the mosque with the unanimous approval of the sheikhs for his business.

Contrary to the belief of many non-Muslims, the teachings of the religion encourage sexual intimacy within marriage – and not just for procreation.

Islamic law allows women to divorce their husbands because of a lack of sexual fulfillment and, as Mr. Alkiswani points out, a statement from Muhammad, the Muslim prophet, says: “None of you should fall for it. woman like an animal; but let them be first of all a messenger between you.

– And who is this messenger? Kisses and words, ”added the entrepreneur.

Modest: The store opened this week stocking vibrators, thongs, and lubricants, among other products.  Its appearance is quite different from the sex shops we have seen in the West.

Modest: The store opened this week stocking vibrators, candy thongs, and lubricants, among other products. Its appearance is quite different from the sex shops we have seen in the West.

However, in keeping with the relatively less shameless nature of Islamic culture, Karaz is not like the sex shops those of us in the West may be used to.

“Pornography and scorching schematics are not used to sell our products,” the website says.

He adds, “We live in an age right now where making love is belittled by risky marketing ads. This is what sets Karaz apart, in a league of its own.

“Our goal is to provide a range of tasteful products to help rekindle purity and passion between married couples.

“Karaz takes pride in helping foster healthy relationships and open communication by offering a wide range of marriage supports that help husbands and wives achieve and maintain an intimate lifestyle.”

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Zodiac Signs and Presidents: A Complete Guide https://iotamagazine.co.uk/zodiac-signs-and-presidents-a-complete-guide/ Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:18:08 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/zodiac-signs-and-presidents-a-complete-guide/

Leaning over you astrological sign is like second nature to some of us, but what about the zodiac signs when it comes to our presidents? It might not be as juicy as finding out if you’re compatible with a potential new love interest, but in some ways knowing where our leaders fall on the zodiac can be fun and maybe even slightly revealing, depending on how much. you buy into astrology as a concept.

It’s not that zodiac signs offer concrete answers about a person’s identity but, according to some astrologers, they can be helpful in providing a bit of potential cosmos-based context (which has been around much longer. than any of us).

“Some signs may have more qualities of leadership, resistance or the ability to influence others with their voice or presence,” says Adama Sesay, professional astrologer at LilithAstrologie.com. Sesay points to Aquarius—most elected presidential zodiac sign with Scorpio – as a sign that often embodies dedication to the collective, which makes sense. “Signs like Leo and Taurus follow because [they] continue to aim for their goals with vigor even in the face of a setback, ”she said.

Some astrologers also believe that the signs of the zodiac might play a role in indicating how lucky a person is to be elected at some point. “We are looking at where the planets are now and how they are positioned when they are overlaid on [a person’s] birth chart, as well as to what extent they resonate or collide, ”says Vanessa Montgomery, an astrologer by the name Astro All-Stars. “One indicator, but not the only one: Whether Saturn is traveling high or low in the graph. It was the case when Obama was elected, Saturn was taking a position of prominence, as was Obama.” Sure, it could be a coincidence, but it’s always cool to think about it.

If you’re curious about the zodiac signs of every US president, keep reading.

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Do plants really need to be vaporized? We asked the experts https://iotamagazine.co.uk/do-plants-really-need-to-be-vaporized-we-asked-the-experts/ Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:18:07 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/do-plants-really-need-to-be-vaporized-we-asked-the-experts/

“So here’s the problem,” Failla told mbg, “it’s controversial whether misting is actually effective in helping a plant. People have said that misting plants increases humidity. However, because you mist and the water evaporates immediately, other people claim that it does nothing for the plant in the long run. “

With that in mind, there is something to be said about attempting to optimize the humidity of your houseplants, even temporarily, as most plants (especially those native to humid and tropical regions) prefer lower levels. humidity higher than what you would find in a typical home. And while misting the air around your plant might not be very helpful, getting close to your plant’s soil could actually give it a good dose of moisture.

“Misting the surface can add some moisture to the foliage without directly spraying the leaves,” notes Resta, “and it can help oxygenate the soil.” Plus, she says foggers can be really helpful during the summer or growing season. “The leaves unfold, and a gentleman is perfect to have on hand,” she said. “I like to spray my plants when I notice the leaves unfolding to give them some moisture. “

Bonus: Failla adds that misting is a great way to get close to your plants and adapt to their needs. “While misting,” she says to get into the habit of “checking your soil’s moisture and observing the leaves to make sure they’re healthy. Cut the yolks or chestnuts. “

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The killer of Libby Squire, a ‘dangerous sexual predator’ who watched college students have sex https://iotamagazine.co.uk/the-killer-of-libby-squire-a-dangerous-sexual-predator-who-watched-college-students-have-sex/ Sun, 28 Mar 2021 22:18:07 +0000 https://iotamagazine.co.uk/the-killer-of-libby-squire-a-dangerous-sexual-predator-who-watched-college-students-have-sex/

Butcher Pawel Relowicz committed a series of sex crimes, from voyeurism to vibrator theft, before being arrested for the death of University of Hull student Libby Squire

Pawel Relowicz was found guilty today of the rape and murder of student Libby Squire