Derma rollers: 6 Microneedling tools for every type of person

Dermarolling, also known as mirconeedling, has been around for over a decade, but it is only in recent years that this beauty treatment has gained popularity in the dermatologist’s office and at home. If you have had acne scars caused by the dreaded Maskne, or if you want to anticipate …

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Drivers will be offered a £ 3,000 ‘credit’ to ditch their cars and switch to greener transport

Drivers who forgo their cars will be offered a £ 3,000 ‘credit’ to spend on public transport, electric scooters and taxis under new green plans Drivers will receive public money to abandon their vehicles for ‘credits’ Will be used on other modes of transport such as bicycles and electric scooters …

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Facebook officially kills the Oculus Rift line – TechCrunch

Facebook is officially killing the Rift. The company showcased its latest headset today at its recently renamed Facebook Connect online event, but it also revealed that it will end sales of the Oculus Rift S on PC early next year. Facebook will only be selling the new Quest 2 soon …

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