COVID19: “Eleven Madison Park goes MEAT-FREE”

by Ashish Kalra
BS (UT Austin), Masters (Cornell), MBA (University of Chicago)
The headline of a fantastic article by Anderson and Gross in the New York Times on May 3, 2021 boldly stated, “New menu at Eleven Madison Park will be meatless.” Michelin-starred chef Daniel Humm proclaimed “The current food system is just not sustainable in many ways”. He was not going to start importing caviar and braised celeriac in pig bladders again. “An institution known for the technical mastery of dishes based on pork, sea urchins and glazed duck will reopen with a ‘FREE’ menu of meat and seafood.”
“Eleven Madison Park is essentially an educational institution, comparing its impact to Chez Panisse, the pioneering restaurant in Berkeley, Calif.”
– Ruth Reichel, renowned editor of Gourmet magazine and renowned New York Times critic (1993-1999)
Anderson and Gross go on to state that “The restaurant that has three Michelin stars and four New York Times stars suggests what fine dining can look like as restaurants reopen and reinvent themselves.” Chef Daniel Humm is considered one of the best chefs in the world; Yale historian Paul Freedman and author of “Ten Restaurants That Changed America” ​​says “Mr. Humm’s cultural influence extends beyond food.”
Ruth Reichel, renowned editor of Gourmet Magazine and acclaimed New York Times critic from 1993 to 1999, “reiterates that Chef Humm’s example could influence the direction of American cuisine in the years to come.
2020: “COVID19: Why the lab theory is bogus”
In my previous Times of India article on July 14, “Why the Laboratory Theory Is Wrong,” I made 8 compelling arguments as to why the virus originated from an animal host. The most important is the renowned biologist from the Scripps Institute who concludes: “The virus must have arisen by natural selection, not by manipulation”. “The research would have calculated the strongest possible fit between the human ACE2 receptor and the spike protein the virus attaches to it with. Anderson summarizes that the SARS2 spike protein is not the best calculated design, and therefore it cannot be “manipulated” Further, “Anyone handling the SARS2 virus would have probably used one of these known pillars and since SARS2 is not derived from any of them,” it has therefore not been handled. ”COVID19 clearly originated from an animal (see below) – origins of a pangolin / badger / rabbit (Page, WSJ, February 9)
THEORY OF ANIMAL VIRUSES:[A-H] +[H-H Transmission] increase to N
As discussed in “Why Bat Coronaviruses Are Necessary” (Times of India, June 10), there are different types of animal viruses like Asian Flu (human consumption of ducks, swine flu (pigs), Hendra (horses) , Ebola (bats), SARS (civets), MERS (camels) and COVID19 (pangolin / badgers). These viruses were caused by human consumption of these respective animals. Also in this article I have shown using Perlman and Fehr’s coronavirus theory the fatal effects of humans Consumption of cattle and pigs (causes entitritis) and respiratory problems in chickens. This is transferred to humans upon consumption even though chickens are “vaccinated (“Mexican Poultry Farmers Could Circulate at Low Levels in Vaccinated Chicken, Without Showing Any Symptoms”, Pg 131, COVID19 by Deborah Mackenzie).

There is animal-to-human transmission. Now it doesn’t stop there. There is human-to-human transmission, sometimes high to N. This means that not only the non-vegetarian person is affected, but others are affected and killed as well. For example, in the Asian flu pandemic, more than 2 million people perished. More than 4 million humans have perished in COVID19. The above arguments are the “main reason” for disrupting the animal food chain.
1. Biological links between red meat and “colorectal cancer”
This is one of the other reasons not to eat red meat. I draw on research by Issam Ahmed published in Medical Express, June 19, 21, “Researchers find biological links between red meat and colorectal cancer. From the above article, a new article in the Journal “Cancer Discovery” has – now identified specific patterns of DNA damage triggered by diets high in red meat, further implicating food as a carcinogen while heralding the possibility of early stage cancer detection and design new treatments. Dana Farber Institute Oncologist, Marias Giannakis, who led the study, sequenced DNA data from 900 colorectal cancer patients. “The analysis revealed a distinct mutational signature – a pattern that had never been identified before but which was indicative of DNA damage called “alkylation.” Dr Giannakis explains, “With red meat there are chemicals that cause alkylation”. Patients with tumors with the highest levels of “alkylation damage” had a 47% higher risk of colorectal cancer-specific death than patients with lower levels of damage.
2. President Clinton’s “vegan diet that saves lives”
One of the inspirations for my research was watching a video of President Clinton on how to beat heart disease, lose weight, and lead healthier lives using a “plant-based diet.” . It cites the teachings of prominent Cleveland Clinic cardiologist Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn (Cleveland Clinic) and prominent Harvard Medical School physician Dr. Dean Ornish.
3. “Prevent Heart Disease”: The fantastic Dr Caldwell Esselstyn Jr
In a fabulous book, “Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease”, Dr. Esselstyn describes the enormous benefits of adopting a “plant-based diet”. He points out that “plant-based nutrition” has a HUGE BENEFICIAL IMPACT on endothelial cells (metabolic dynamos) that produce nitric oxide. “Nitric Oxide is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL FOR Vascular HEALTH”. The essential building block for the production of nitric oxide is a substance called L-arginine, an amino acid rich in a variety of plant foods (legumes, beans and nuts (Pg 41,42).

“This nitric oxide chemistry explains what is perhaps the key mechanism by which my patients have become resistant to heart attacks beyond twenty years.” Their plant-based diet “reduced or eliminated all factors of cardiovascular risk above. The more compliant the patient, the more he or she reduced the risk. ”
– Dr Caldwell Esselstyn, “Prevention of heart disease” (Page 43)
4. Symptoms of acute respiratory problems suffered as a result of COVID19 (SARS-COV2) are identical to those of SARS-COV (2002, Guandong, Human Consumption of Bat infected Civettes) and during MERS-COV (2012, Middle- Orient, Human consumption of camels infected with bats). Exactly the same symptoms. As shown, fatigue and encaliphitis (swelling of the human brain) takes place on eating pigs (CDC). Additionally, humans suffer from abdominal pain, chest pain, and diarrhea when eating chicken.

Especially, as mentioned in “When we disobey the conception of life (Times of India, the conception of human beings is“ vegetarian. ”That is, carnivores have sharp teeth for tearing flesh – them. herbivores and humans do not. Carnivores swallow water as against the use of their mouth and lips (Herbivores). Carnivores have much larger kidneys to flush out toxic meat than humans and herbivores.Net net, the conception of human beings is “vegetarian”.

CONCLUSION: Humans and animals are different ecosystems. Animals have “built-in natural mechanisms” to PROTECT themselves from human consumption. Humans CANNOT encroach on the animal ecosystem. Likewise, when cannibals eat humans, they contract “brain disease”.
RESULT : Humans CANNOT encroach on the animal ecosystem. Different ecosystem. Chef David Hamm, one of the world’s best chefs at Eleven Madison Park, is one of the leaders to recognize this paradigm shift.
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