Dallas ‘Q’ convention seems to provide more heat than light

DALLAS, TX – Texas eyes won’t be on this weekend QAnon Convention in Dallas.

Indeed, according to The Dallas Observer, there will be no independent observers on hand to verify the facts or relay any conspiracy theories that may arise during the “For God & Country Patriot Roundup”.

Anyone who knows the lyrics to this old country song knows what it means.

House, house on the beach

Where the deer and the antelope play

Where is rarely heard; a discouraging word

And the sky is not cloudy all day

That’s right. One of the first real indicators of “patriotism” is silencing non-believers – or better yet, preventing them from attending. Like the hippies used to say, nobody likes a narc that is only there to harass you, man.

According to the Dallas Observer, Anonymous QAnon Podcast Host Logan Strain requested to attend, but he was turned away by organizers, who were told his presence would be “disruptive,” given the less than favorable nature of his coverage in the past.

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As Strain says The observer, “Given the biased nature of your coverage of the Q movement and the dissemination of patently false information, we believe your attendance at the event would be potentially disruptive and could potentially result in disruption of the event.”

They weren’t press passes, mind you. These are tickets that Strain bought a month ago, but only canceled this week.

Dang it cancels the culture!

Apparently, neither the organizers nor the attendees want to be challenged when spreading the Gospel According to Q – that there is a “deep state” controlling America, led by Hollywood Democrats and Democrats. elites who moonlight as pedophiles. Oh, and sure enough, they all share a deep hatred for former United States President Donald J. Trump.

The FBI has classified the QAnon movement as a terrorist threat to the nation.

The roundup is led by “QAnon John”, aka John Sabal and his partner, Amy. Both have publicly stated that the free press is far too free to criticize the movement they are promoting. But the media can’t criticize what they can’t observe, can they? Sabal has promised there will be “hardly any” media coverage of the weekend’s events, but plenty of conservative media are on the guest list.

Ready to speak at the festivities, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, who suggested a few months ago that the now former president martial law to stay in power and Sidney powell, the lightning rod lawyer who recently admitted to publicly spreading lies about Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election.

Also on hand for this weekend’s Patriot games: Lone Star State GOP President Allen West and East Texas Republican and U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert.

And since hardly anyone will be around who doesn’t cook or drink the QAnon Kool-Aid, who can tell what will happen?

To quote the late country crooner Charlie Rich:

Oh no one knows what’s going on

Behind closed doors …

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