Do plants really need to be vaporized? We asked the experts

“So here’s the problem,” Failla told mbg, “it’s controversial whether misting is actually effective in helping a plant. People have said that misting plants increases humidity. However, because you mist and the water evaporates immediately, other people claim that it does nothing for the plant in the long run. “

With that in mind, there is something to be said about attempting to optimize the humidity of your houseplants, even temporarily, as most plants (especially those native to humid and tropical regions) prefer lower levels. humidity higher than what you would find in a typical home. And while misting the air around your plant might not be very helpful, getting close to your plant’s soil could actually give it a good dose of moisture.

“Misting the surface can add some moisture to the foliage without directly spraying the leaves,” notes Resta, “and it can help oxygenate the soil.” Plus, she says foggers can be really helpful during the summer or growing season. “The leaves unfold, and a gentleman is perfect to have on hand,” she said. “I like to spray my plants when I notice the leaves unfolding to give them some moisture. “

Bonus: Failla adds that misting is a great way to get close to your plants and adapt to their needs. “While misting,” she says to get into the habit of “checking your soil’s moisture and observing the leaves to make sure they’re healthy. Cut the yolks or chestnuts. “

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