Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Friday, July 23

It’s Friday. We are tired, but we have links. Boot camp starts in less than a week, so we’ve got plenty of camp-centric content to digest while ignoring emails.

Rest in peace, Greg Knapp

Sad news for the Atlanta Falcons and New York Jets yesterday as it was announced that former Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Greg Knapp had died of a bicycle accident. Knapp was well regarded as “one of the good guys” in the NFL and will certainly be missed in the league, and here at The Falcool.

We extend our deepest condolences to the Knapp family, the New York Jets and those who had the pleasure of knowing Greg Knapp. Rest in peace.

Previews from training camp

Falcons training camp begins in just under a week, and our Kevin Knight has provided you with his positional overviews and impending battles ahead of camp kicks off. See his latest previews below:

Wide receiver

Offensive tackle

Inner offensive line

What battles are you most looking forward to during training camp?

Former DL Falcons Cliff Matthews joins camp as comrade

I realize the subtitle can be read with a British accent or as an old prospector wrote. That’s why I went ahead and submitted it. It’s Friday.

Cliff Matthews will be attending the Atlanta Falcons camp as one of four Bill Walsh Coaching Fellows.

An extension for Grady?

Does this happen? The Falcons have freed up some space in Julio Jones’ trade to get his draft class under contract and make a few free agent signings, but are they pulling the trigger of an overtime now?

Audio / Visual #Content

Hitting all cylinders this week on the Falcool Live podcast and frontline (not that the team doesn’t do it regularly). Before the camp, we have a lot of things to discuss. So we discussed it.

Check out the latest episode of The F Alcohol Podcast where the gang reviewed the QB position, and when your ears have been filled, go ahead and watch The F Alcohol Live Episode 151.

The Alcoholic: Sensory overload.

History of the Atlanta jersey # 41 – 45

So who wore it best in Atlanta? We know who locked No.44 – but what about the rest? Our Will McFadden continues his journey through the history of the Atlanta jersey.

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