General convention in August impossible: NC Gen Sec Dr Koirala

General convention in August impossible: NC Gen Sec Dr Koirala

The Secretary General of the Nepalese Congress, Dr Shashanka Koirala. (Photo file)

CHITWAN: Nepalese Congress (NC) General Secretary Dr Shashanka Koirala said it was not possible to hold the party’s 14th General Convention on schedule.

The party has set its general convention for August 30, which it says is not possible.

Speaking to reporters in Chitwan on Friday, he said the General Convention on time was not possible due to disputes over the party’s active membership and other lingering issues.

He added that the Convention will be held in November-December settling internal issues.

The dispute over active party members erupted before preparations for the General Convention.

He was of the opinion that the question of party membership should be addressed one year before the date set for the General Convention.

“We want the General Convention as soon as possible,” he said.

According to him, he also announced his candidacy for the presidency of the party. Others, two establishment party candidates aspire to compete for the post and we will lose the battle if we all fight for the post and discussions are underway to forge a consensus to file a single candidacy.

On a different note, he said he would not join the Cabinet and support the government by staying on the outside.

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