Members of * NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees to headline the FA5 final

The Friday finale after 5 of this year, September 3, will be a blast from the past, featuring members of some of the most popular boy groups of the late 1990s and early 2000s, including the Backstreet Boys, * NSYNC and 98 Degrees.

Jeff Timmons (98 Degrees), AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys), Chris Kirkpatrick (* NSYNC) and Chris Blue (winner of The Voice Season 12) perform as a group called “All the Cool Kids, or ATCK.”

According to Timmons, the group was formed by Mclean and DJ Lux.

“They kind of created it because all of our schedules are so busy it can be kind of a revolving door for famous guests,” Timmons said. “With all of our schedules being so busy, if one or two of us can’t be there, we’ll have someone else come and take over. artists or other. It’s kind of a fun thing to mix it up and keep things fresh and exciting.

Timmons said this will be the first time the four have officially performed together as ATCK, except for a charity event a few months ago in Las Vegas.

In a phone interview Thursday, Timmons discussed their enthusiasm for performing in Owensboro and gave a little more information on what the crowd can expect.

Owensboro Times: So the performance in Owensboro will be you, AJ, Chris and Chris. What will the show look like?
Timmons: Each of us will do our originals, we’ll do a few songs together, and you know some of them are remixed. I mean it’s just a new approach. When you’re playing for an audience as big as the audience we’re hoping to have at Friday After 5, you want to keep the beat, so these are mashups of our old songs. Many of us, especially 98 Degrees, are known for our ballads. We want to save the energy, and we might even have a surprise where we all sing something together, so it’s going to be a lot of fun.

OT: Sounds like you’re having a good time and giving a little bit of everything.
Timmons: It’s exactly that. I mean, look, none of us take ourselves too seriously. Obviously we take performance seriously and love our careers, but we’re here to have fun. That many years later, I still do – for me, I’m 25 here, and I think the Backstreet Boys and * NSYNC have been around even longer – we’re lucky to be doing this and we want that. the audience feels the same energy as us. in our excitement on stage.

OT: Will there be chances for fans to meet and interact with you?
Timmons: We are going to meet people. We don’t have an official link or anything like that yet, but you know if people check all of our social media under our names I’m sure before long we will have links there where people will be able to find out how to meet us before or after the show.

OT: Is ATCK planning to collaborate and release new music? Where can people find it if so?
Timmons: We got such a great response that now we’re going to start making music together. We haven’t even started recording yet. We have just started writing and producing music together and soon it will be available on all streaming platforms and anywhere you can buy music. But yeah, we’re going to release music.

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