Monday Espresso: Links and comments from April 19, 2021

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We’ve been busy over the weekend, so here’s a late roundup of the news and views from the past week.

[ME1] The area’s benchmark newspaper finally has information on the massive failure of Houston’s water systems during the freezing season. The newspaper presented this as a statewide problem, as did HOUSTON’s director of public works, who also blamed “underinvestment in our public services for decades.” Careful reading of history makes it clear that the city of Houston was not sufficiently prepared for such an event, reacted badly and needs to improve.

[ME2] Meanwhile, we also learned last week that Mayor Sylvester Turner “agrees” with a recommendation to massively increase water and sewer tariffs in the years to come. Shocking news, hrm?

[ME3] A Houston man who pleaded guilty after an arrest by disgraced HPD officer Gerald Goines has been found innocent by the state’s highest court.

[ME4] Harris County has asked the state of Texas for additional judicial capacity to process a backlog of approximately 70,000 criminal cases.

[ME5] The abrupt closure of a grim Houston facility for migrant girls – along with the death of an employee who may or may not be linked – apparently deserves closer scrutiny by intrepid investigative journalists in the area.

[ME6] One of those investigative journalists decided to focus on checking Tony Buzbee’s court documents, in an overly long and winding report that had its own issues.

[ME7] Nevertheless, the declining industry continues to give itself a lot of rewards and applause.

[ME8] In Harris County, blacks and Hispanics are lagging behind on COVID vaccinations. Maybe someone in the news department should report to the newspaper’s editorial board, which recently berated the Republican men for not getting their picture.

[ME9] The same insecure editorial board that opposed the Trump administration’s November announcement that US troops would leave Afghanistan in mid-2021 (the headline claimed it was ‘wrong to rush’ the end of the 20 year war!) Posted an op-ed last week with the headline “Biden is right to end the war in Afghanistan.” It’s five months later.

[ME10] KTRK-13 ​​made a cheeky enough tear-and-read of a Chronicle story last week, but was ashamed to belatedly give the newspaper credit.

[ME11] The Gulfton ghetto is getting a makeover (and losing some traffic lanes).

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