Musicians who performed at the QAnon convention in Dallas


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The delusapalooza called the For God & Country Patriot Roundup, which took place in Dallas this Memorial Day weekend, offered more than just acts of political circus as pardoned Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the conspirator’s lawyer electoral Sidney Powell and a doctor who does not believe. in medical sciences, Dr. Judy Mikovits. Guests were treated to live music as well, as even people who take Rudy Giuliani’s rants are in serious need of a mental palette cleanser.

Unfortunately, we were unable to review these concerts as the convention did not provide a press pass to any media or person who does not agree with 100% of the far-fetched claims and philosophies of its organizers. But that couldn’t stop us from scouring the web for sample songs from the artists at the QAnon convention to get a feel for what we might have heard between U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert’s stories about recruiting babies by. ISIS as young terrorists.

Mark Winston Kirk
Try to imagine the shocked look on our faces when we learned that one of the headliners of an ultra-right political convention was a country singer. It’s like trying to contain your astonishment at the news that Kanye West thought he actually had a chance at being president.

If you love country music regardless of what you think of Hillary Clinton emails, Kirk can make some pretty good sounds, whether it’s a cover or one of her originals. The Shiner-born, Austin-resident country singer has scored a significant amount of airtime on the country graphic with tunes “Untold Story, “The Party Starts Here” and “Cowboy & The Gypsy, ” a beautiful ballad between two apparently opposed people. It’s an even sadder feeling when you realize that the people who listened to this tender ballad were unlikely to respond to its call for understanding and acceptance.

JT Wilde
Florida’s self-proclaimed “soul carrier” may sound like a hippie with long hair and a guitar, but he makes it very clear where he stands in the political aisle with his music. His tone is so right handed that it is surprising that he allows himself to use his left hand to play the guitar.

According to his website biography, Wilde’s soul-infused rock took on the red pill in 2016 when “JT found himself called to the patriot movement. He saw our country being lied to and torn apart by the media from mass.” It was around this time that Wilde started writing and recording songs for the Q-Anon crowd such as “Where We Go One”, a track that comes from a conspiracy rallying cry that says: ” Where we go one, we go all “(or WWG1WGA), and earned him a red flag on SoundCloud.

In 2018, Wilde saw President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn get hit charges for lying to the FBI about his communications with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Since Wilde knows all about lies that don’t require conclusive proof, he produced a song for Flynn and his spell against reality with “Digital Soldiers,” a bland rock tune that would make Nickelback fans cringe. He’s the vivid, breathing embodiment of this Kids in the Hall sketch where two 1950s folk singers sing a Bob Dylan-style ballad praising Senator Joe McCarthy’s destructive raid on the Invisible Communist infiltration and spend the rest of their time. life saying stuff in music documentaries like “Our days are pretty full of regret. The first thing we do in the morning is regret something.”

Bella popa
There isn’t much that can be found on Popa’s music production. She has a Soundcloud page with a few soft-sounding covers of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley and “Older Than I Am” by Lennon Stella and three original tracks including a piano-backed love standard called “Eyes”. There is also a Instagram pages with videos of some of her performances at a California cafe featuring her talented vocals and guitar songs.

This one is just a real puzzle. Her songs aren’t inspired by Norah Jones about how CNN is run by shapeshifter lizards (unless there’s a subtext we missed), but are competent and tender. It’s not Lilith Faire. It’s a Q-Anon scam.

It’s not that conspiracy supporters can’t enjoy music that doesn’t skew their bacteria-eaten political instincts. Even political madmen are still able to recognize and appreciate the objective beauty in all things. Hopefully they learn to recognize it in more than just their music.

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