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Edozie Njoku

One of the national presidents of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) factions, Chief Edozie Njoku, said everyone who took part in the party’s trial in Jigawa State High Court has questions to answer.

Njoku said now is the time to separate the fraud from the ridiculous machinations of criminally minded people posing as APGA politicians, even though he has vowed to go after those who forged his. signature to obtain the court judgment.

It should be recalled that the decision on a trial between Alhaji Rabiu Garba Aliyu and Chief Jude Okeke and 10 others and the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Judge Musa Ubale ordered INEC to register the name from the Hon. Chukwuma Umeoji as the APGA candidate for the governor of Anambra State.

In his statement, the complainant, Alhaji Rabiu Garba Aliyu, said that he was duly and unanimously elected as the national (North) vice-president of the party at the national APGA convention held in Owerri on May 31, 2019.

He added that the first defendant (Okeke) was also elected deputy national president (South) while leader Edozie Njoku was elected national president of the party.

“Due to some internal party issues, the party’s NEC (National Executive Committee) conducted disciplinary proceedings against the National President (Njoku) and found him responsible and suspended him from office.

“Following the suspension of the national president (Njoku), the party’s NEC appointed the first defendant, leader Jude Okeke, acting national president of the party pending the national convention,” said the plaintiff.

He said the APGA NEC had considered and adopted the report and recommendation of the seven-man disciplinary committee “that the National Vice President, Chief Edozie Njoku, be suspended from office pending the national convention.”

Aliyu also revealed that NEC appointed National Vice President (South), Chief Jude Okeke (1st Respondent), as interim president of the PGAA pending the national convention, and appointed him (Okeke) to call for a national convention to consider the NEC Report on the suspension of affected officers.

The complainant alleged that on the basis of the above facts, in particular the resolution that there should be only one post of governor of the APGA for the Anambra state ballot, he has filed a subpoena dated June 16, 2021 asking the court to decide nine issues.

But Njoku, who spoke at a press conference in his private office at Wuse 2, said that while the truth about the APGA crisis had started to come out in small pieces, that he had been Duly elected national president, he would adopt all legitimate processes to hold the parties to the Jigawa affair to account.

He revealed that apart from forgery, cases of identity theft and outright perjury have been used to mislead and deceive the Jigawa State High Court.

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