Romantic Depot, which sells adult toys and racy lingerie, reopens in Sunnyside

Showcase rendering (romantic depot website)

January 23, 2021 By Christian Murray

Romanticism is back.

Romantic Depot, which sells racy lingerie and adult toys, reopened on Queens Boulevard on Friday, two years after its former Sunnyside store burned down in a massive fire.

The store, now located at 47-02 Queens Blvd, sells a variety of lingerie in a range of sizes as well as edible underwear, penis enlargement cream and bachelorette party toys.

The store sells adult toys such as straps, dildos, harnesses, nipple rings and vibrators. Adult items are on display in a looped section of the store, behind a red velvet curtain. They are not visible from the street.

Romantic Depot Open at 47-02 Queens Blvd. Friday (Photo: Queens Post)

Romantic Depot is part of a chain that was established almost 20 years ago. There are now nine stores – with the reopening of the Sunnyside location – all in the tri-state area.

The company praises the attitude of its staff for its success.

“The staff at every Romantic Depot store have a non-judgmental attitude, based on the diverse desires and genders of our customers,” the company’s website read. “We believe in creating a positive sexual atmosphere, sexual well-being and a 100% inclusive environment. “

The main area inside Romantic Depot, which opened in Sunnyside on Friday (Photo: Queens Post)

The sex shop moves into a space that was previously occupied by a number of mom-and-pop stores, such as Optimo Cigars, Veer Mailbox and Avalon Florist. They closed at the end of 2018.

Romantic Depot opened in Sunnyside in October 2018 at 45-02 Queens Blvd. but his stay in the region was short-lived when a fire broke out inside the store December 13, 2018.

The fire swept through the store as well as New York Style Eats, Zen Yai, UPS Store, Sidetracks and Better Line Hardware. The stores were destroyed and the the lot is now for sale.

The FDNY released a report in April 2019 that found the fire started inside Romantic Depot shortly after 2 a.m.

The fire started in the ceiling area and then passed through the walls, floor and contents, according to the report.

Items for sale at the Romantic Depot in Sunnyside (Photo: Queens Post)

Romantic Depot was destroyed in a 5-alarm fire at 45-02 Queens Boulevard on December 13, 2018 (Photo: Nathaly Pesantez / Queens Post)

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