Starkiller Base, the largest LEGO Star Wars building in the world

This project took me two and a half years. It is 6 feet wide and 23 feet long. First of all, I must thank all the donors who made this construction possible. Your contributions have allowed me to make this dream come true. Due to the circumstances surrounding the completion of this build, you will all be remembered in a separate video. Then I want to thank everyone who helped complete this build at the very end. My original plan was to finish this build at home, record all the necessary videos, take photos, and then finally exhibit it at the Brick Rodeo LEGO convention. Unfortunately, construction was not completed until the very last day of the Lego convention. As such, I only had one day to take full advantage of this MOC. I have had a lot of help from many great friends to whom I am forever indebted for their kindness and support.

This project portrays almost every scene from the Starkiller base in The Force Awakens. It was a project I knew I wanted to do, the moment I saw The Force Awakens in theaters. This was a unique project, in that it incorporated a large set of minifigures, tons of fully lit interior rooms, mountains, large snow landscapes, and a forest, all in one build. I have been tasked with designing so many different types of structures for this build, and I hope the effort will show through this final video.

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