The Île-aux-Tourtes bridge will reopen completely on Saturday morning, according to the minister

The Quebec Minister of Transport thanked the repair teams for making the bridge fully accessible faster than expected.

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The Île-aux-Tourtes bridge will reopen fully to traffic at 7 a.m. Saturday, two weeks after a safety inspection forced an emergency shutdown of the aging but heavily used span.

Quebec Transport Minister François Bonnardel made the announcement on his Twitter account early Friday afternoon.

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“I am very happy to announce the complete reopening of the traffic lanes on the Île-aux-Tourtes bridge at 7 am tomorrow,” wrote Bonnardel, who thanked the repair teams for returning the bridge entirely. accessible faster than expected.

Following the reopening, the mitigation measures put in place end on Saturday, including free service and additional departures on the Vaudreuil-Hudson Exo train line, as well as additional service and shuttles on the train lines. ‘bus. The Highway 30 toll bridge will also be back in service on Saturday.

The bridge – one of the busiest links to the island of Montreal – was abruptly closed for emergency repairs on May 20 just hours before the evening ride, blocking thousands of motorists en route to the west of the island.

The shutdown came after an inspection of repair work on the bridge found dozens of support rods were damaged during construction.

The span had since been reopened to a two-way traffic lane and the province expected it not to be fully operational until June 21.

The Île-aux-Tourtes bridge is used daily by nearly 90,000 vehicles.

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