Windows 10 gaming PCs will get NVMe SSD enhancement DirectStorage API after all

Microsoft’s announcement of Windows 11 came with gaming features that were originally supposed to be exclusive to the new operating system, but in an unusual 180-degree turn, that no longer appears to be the case. The developers of DirectX have since revealed that the DirectStorage API will actually arrive on versions of Windows 10 newer than version 1909 so the feature “can reach as many players as possible.”

Functioning similarly to the Velocity architecture seen on Xbox Series X and S consoles, the API allows your SSD to communicate directly with your graphics card, bypassing the processor and helping to reduce load times in games based on DirectX 12.

As Auto HDR is already included in insider versions of Windows 10, this means that the new operating system no longer has any exclusive gaming features that we know of. However, you still have other things to look forward to, like a big UI overhaul, a new Microsoft Store, native Android apps, and a centralized start menu. Still, since Microsoft might not send a free Windows 11 update to your current gaming PC until 2022, it’s good for Microsoft to make sure that its old operating system still provides an equal experience for playing the best games. PC.

If you decide to stick with Windows 10 on your current platform, you still get more than four years of support against security vulnerabilities and bugs. After this point, you may finally have to make the switch if you want a fully secure operating system.

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