Zodiac Signs and Presidents: A Complete Guide

Leaning over you astrological sign is like second nature to some of us, but what about the zodiac signs when it comes to our presidents? It might not be as juicy as finding out if you’re compatible with a potential new love interest, but in some ways knowing where our leaders fall on the zodiac can be fun and maybe even slightly revealing, depending on how much. you buy into astrology as a concept.

It’s not that zodiac signs offer concrete answers about a person’s identity but, according to some astrologers, they can be helpful in providing a bit of potential cosmos-based context (which has been around much longer. than any of us).

“Some signs may have more qualities of leadership, resistance or the ability to influence others with their voice or presence,” says Adama Sesay, professional astrologer at LilithAstrologie.com. Sesay points to Aquarius—most elected presidential zodiac sign with Scorpio – as a sign that often embodies dedication to the collective, which makes sense. “Signs like Leo and Taurus follow because [they] continue to aim for their goals with vigor even in the face of a setback, ”she said.

Some astrologers also believe that the signs of the zodiac might play a role in indicating how lucky a person is to be elected at some point. “We are looking at where the planets are now and how they are positioned when they are overlaid on [a person’s] birth chart, as well as to what extent they resonate or collide, ”says Vanessa Montgomery, an astrologer by the name Astro All-Stars. “One indicator, but not the only one: Whether Saturn is traveling high or low in the graph. It was the case when Obama was elected, Saturn was taking a position of prominence, as was Obama.” Sure, it could be a coincidence, but it’s always cool to think about it.

If you’re curious about the zodiac signs of every US president, keep reading.

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